When Your Home Does Not Reflect You

We've all been there- whether you're a young twenty-something just starting out, or you have been at this decorating thing for years and you feel discouraged because you still aren't in love with the home you've created.

So, what do you do? Where do you start?

It can be completely overwhelming, especially when you add budgets to the mix.

Most of us hate the idea of bare rooms, and are of the "something is better than nothing" mentality. So, we attempt to fill our houses as quickly as our budget allows. And let's not be too hard on ourselves- we want our homes to be "cozy" after all, and we can't afford the designer furniture after all. But what happens next? We may look around a few years later and realize that we don't actually like any of the"filler items/furniture" that we purchased, and we are back to square one.

a home that reflects you.png

This quote by Annie Smith of Euro Trash resonated well with me:  

I think it is important to remove anything you don't like from a home and start with a clean slate. Don't 'do one room' then move on to the next. I would rather live sparsely in a home and have the whole thing come together slowly than have the jarring feeling of a new style against the old.

(Quote from La la Lovely, by Trina McNeill)

empty room.png

We are creatures of comfort- and things comfort us, whether we love those items or not. Paring down our furniture and house to only the pieces we love has the real danger of making our homes feel sparse and in turn the danger of making us feel as though we are "lacking". It might even make us self conscious when we invite friends over.

Patience and contentment, are your friends here- some things take time.  

My view? I think clutter and being surrounded by "filler items" kills the imagination. It's difficult to dream of a room's potential when you're surrounded by things you don't even like.

How to Avoid Creating a Room You Secretly Hate

So what am I suggesting?  

  1. Don't buy the "filler items." Odds are, you already have made those impulse purchases!

  2. Sell or get rid of all those items that you don't care for until you can buy what you love (keeping the day to day essentials such as your bed, couch, table and chairs etc. ).

  3. Take your time! Go to flea markets, try your hand at DIY projects, and check craigslist regularly.  When you see a piece you love at a great price- jump on it.....even if it means buying a piece lower on the priority list first (like a cool vintage mirror before a dining table).

The end result will be a home that represents you- and that is the best feeling that too many of us miss out on because we are in such a hurry to fill our homes. All good things take time.