The Girls' Shared Room and a Stencil Collaboration

When we put an offer on our house, one of the rooms I had an immediate vision for was the girls' room ( I love designing kids rooms!). I wanted to infuse pinks and greens, and a pretty neutral wallpaper. I knew I wanted to paint the ceiling green to highlight the unique shape of the room with the dormers, and I did this immediately after closing on the house and before we moved in. 

After we moved in, the rest of the room fell into place, except for the wallpaper element of the design. My girls both have a "picking" habit and have been known to pick paint off of doors/furniture/basboards (not to mention grandma's wallpapered bathroom), and while it has improved substantially, it's still a weakness for both of them. I couldn't help feel like I was setting them (and myself) up for failure by putting wallpaper in their room, yet I could not find a stencil that fit my vision. That's when Stencilit came in and saved the day. I had used one of their stencils in Charlie's nursery in Indianapolis a few years ago, and remembered Merili mentioning that they would love to do a collaboration with me in the future.  I reached out to them with pictures of what I was looking for, and a month later this gorgeous stencil showed up at my door that was exactly what I was hoping it would be, and more.

The final product!

The final product!

For starters, stenciling a wall is really a two person job, I tried doing it all on my own in the beginning, but in the end really needed Connor for parts. I taped the stencil in the corner with the largest amount of wall and started there.

starting on the wall stencil.jpg

After each successful stencil application, I wiped off any excess paint on the side going back on the wall. Then I matched the corners to make sure the stencil was straight and in the correct spot before starting again.

lining up the wall stencil.jpg

 In the beginning, I draped the stencil over the baseboards (seen below) and went as close to the baseboard as possible, but later on I ended up cutting the stencil. Before cutting the stencil, I had to make sure the largest parts of the wall were completed, and then finish the wall in that order to make sure I didn't cut the stencil down too small too soon.

using the wall stencil at the bottom.jpg

 Here you can see I cut the stencil into two long strips to get the corners.

wall stencil halfway completed.jpg

I did have some touch-ups to do, which was easy enough. There were a couple spots that didn't line up perfectly, but this was not a problem due to this type of stencil with all of its small elements that make up the pattern. 

girl playing in room with wall stencil.jpg
bunk beds in room with wall stencil.jpg
girl reaching for books in room with wall stencil.jpg

I used a small roller, and used Behr "white veil" as a back drop (I wanted a creamy white to make it look more like a wallpaper), and then I used a dark gray for the actual stencil.

kids room with wall stencil.jpg

 I love that it is both whimsical and feminine, and yet not too young that they can't grow up with it. It seriously blew my mind how well Merili and her team were able to match my vision! Not to mention the cost benefit, I think we all love the idea of painting over a stenciled wall instead of scraping wallpaper off.