Get the Look (with the help of Craigslist)

A while back (over on instagram) I asked you guys if you were interested in me sharing my craigslist finds with you, and how I would style them. The response was a resounding “YES”. Everyone is always quick to tell me that there are no deals to be found in their city, and while some areas of the country are definitely tricky (I’ve lived in DC, NY, IN, WA, OK, and MA so I know!)- I truly believe that there are rare/cool finds to be had everywhere if you are willing to spend the time looking and willing to drive a little out of your way. The trick is to look often, broaden your search, and to use good search words. After that, I think the problem most people have is seeing past the crappy phone pictures (in bad lighting) that people tend to post of their stuff on craigslist. Most of us (whether we realize it or not) are visual, and a bad picture scares us away. Let me tell you though- the bad pictures are where the deals are at.


Take this bedroom by Amber Interiors ( she kills it, per usual), that antique bench adds depth to the room. Sure, you could buy an imitation antique from a large chain store, but it’s not the same thing……vintage brings an element to design that a modern copy cannot in my opinion. That’s not to say that I don’t own a few imitations myself, but when it comes to aged wood, I prefer the real deal. This one is selling for $200, and I bet you could barter this down to $125 or $150 (which I’m all for doing, as long as it’s fair).


If I really wanted the look of that Amber Interiors bedroom, this is what I would pair with that bench from craigslist. After this, all you need is some cool art ( I prefer original, vintage, or from an artist you love rather than the mass produced art if you can help it.) and you are set with a budget bedroom!