Eleni's Nursery

It seems fitting that the first post on my new website is Eleni’s nursery. When we found out we were having a third girl, it took me a while to come up with a design that I was excited about. After all, I’ve done three girl nurseries in our house. This time however, I went a decidedly more feminine direction when I fell in love with this floral wallpaper from Anthropologie. From there, I decided on a color pallet of mustard yellow/gold and mauve. Getting the mauve paint color that I was searching for took some trial and error- it either looked too muddy or too pink. After painting the room and repainting it, I settled on Behr Pearls and Lace. If you are searching for the perfect mauve, I will say that lighting has everything to do with getting the right color- what looks mauve in this room could look pink in another room.


This was my first wallpaper experience, and as always I learned a few lessons the hard way. I originally bought a wallpaper paste that was not pre-made (just add water it said), and that was a HUGE mistake. Once I went back and bought the pre-mixed paste, things started to go a lot more smoothly. Because of my original mistake, there are some imperfections that are probably most noticeable to me (I am my worst critic), but I was too pregnant and too exhausted to care when I was done. Thanks to my mother-in-law for being incredible and for helping me pull this off, it was quite the “bonding” experience:).


I love that the half painted wall adds a dose of modern with the rounded edges of the armoire and the feminine wallpaper.


I needed a rocking chair that did not have a tall back (due to this wall) or take up a ton of room. This one has been perfect, it’s comfortable and still wide enough for me to sit with one of the older girls. I think we will be using it well after Eleni is past the baby stage.


You will remember a lot of these pieces from various areas of our previous homes. Whenever I’m designing a new space in our house, I always start with shopping around my house.


I love a touch of whimsy in kids rooms, and styling with garlands are a simple way to add it to a room.


One of the few purchases I knew we needed for this room was a plush rug. Because this room is too small for a changing table, I wanted a rug that wouldn’t hurt her head or kill my knees in the middle of the night.


I found this vintage armoire on craigslist for $100, and if you follow along with me on IG you will know that I debated painting it. In the end, I love it as is- and painting it felt like too much with the wallpaper. It is also super functional - meeting our need to hang a few items ( the “closet”in this room, if it can be called one, is too shallow for a hanger), and provide extra storage. Connor and my cousin’s husband nearly killed themselves getting it up our narrow staircase, so it’s not going anywhere for a while….which is totally fine with me!

rug/armoire (vintage)/crib/wallpaper/mauve pillow/rocking chair/mauve blanket /garland/alphabet sign/ceiling light- old from Serena & Lily/ sconce - old from Urban Outfitters / stool