Backyard Dreaming

Now that we are all moved into our house, we are really enjoying spending a lot of our time outdoors.  There are also so many house projects that we want to work on (each of which is time and money), and it can feel a bit overwhelming. I thought I would start by sharing our big plans for each space starting with the backyard....and then as we tackle each individual project I will share more.

final OB-Backyard.jpg

I always begin the design process with what I call the "dream phase"- this is where being practical and budgets are off of the table. In my experience, if you start with beautiful design, you can usually find cheaper ways to get there, and there will always be road blocks so you can just count on that. That said- most of the ideas here are very doable (Connor may argue that the playhouse may be a bit dreamy, but we'll see!). I love the idea of a Hansel & Gretel whimsical playhouse, and something like this would fit with our French cottage-like house. We already have the dining table (Connor made in Indiana) and dining chairs, we plan on making the pergola and doing a vine wall against the stucco garage wall. We have a fire pit that I would like to update down the road and add some cool chairs (these from World Market were sold out by the time I could get to them). Anyways, that's the plan for now- most of which we will start working on next Spring......

vine wall (pic)

pergola (pic)

vintage playhouse

DIY farmhouse table

Bertoia side chairs

vintage Russell Woodard head chairs

modern fire pit

fire pit chairs


string lights