Playing with shapes

I think most of us realize that the best designed rooms are often the most interesting rooms. Whether it's varying color, texture, wood tones, or time periods….we are constantly trying to change it up so that a room doesn't feel flat. One of the biggest ways (that often gets overlooked) to do this is to make sure you have different shapes in a room. A while back I started collecting a lot of mid-century pieces (which I still love to this day), but I noticed that aside from there being too much walnut brown in my rooms, things started looking very square. Let me be clear- you can still stick to the same time period (hello tulip table), but I have found that the most interesting rooms do contain a variety of shape. I'm not just talking about adding in a couple round tables (though heaven knows I love them and they do the job). Here are some examples of ways to add interest to a room that perhaps you have overlooked:

At first glance you see the round table, but the curvature in the chairs adds a lot of interest, not to mention the round jute rug.


I'm in love with this round copper sink:


The round edges of the crib paired next to the clean paint line in this nursery is perfection. 


Here you have lighting, plant stands, and a mirror in a long rectangular space


Even the drape of the string lights in this room help to break up the hard lines: