On Simplifying

I know what you're thinking- she blogs! Yes, I took a break- a longer one than intended, but a necessary one. Our fall was incredibly busy with trips to Virginia, Germany & Austria (more on that soon), Maine, and Colorado.....and in the middle of all that we hosted six rounds of company (we love hosting!) and two rounds of sickness (the company being way more fun than the other).  I like to think I've come to terms with my inability to juggle everything really well, so at any point I feel myself starting to slip, I reassess and drop things and say "no" as needed. My family, friends, and health/fitness were "yes" and this blog had to be a "no" this fall. I'm grateful that I can always pick up where I left off though, like an old friend. 


There's something about coming out of a busy season of life that makes you want to simplify everything. Coming from Indiana, we had more furniture than will probably ever fit in a Boston house (in our price range), so we have been looking at each piece that we own with a critical eye. It all appeals to the minimal part of me that wants to own less, but really love what we own. Enter our new coffee table. We sold our old coffee table and console table that we bought when we were first married and used that money to buy this one- no money lost, just less "things". In some ways, I was sentimental about them- after all they went with us from Virginia to Oklahoma to Seattle to Oklahoma to New York to Indiana to Boston. But the truth is that it had been a long time since I had loved them. This new coffee table is better suited for the smaller Boston rooms, it's bright and modern in contrast to the period home we are living in (and will probably live in the future), and I love it. In the coming year what areas of your life are you trying to simplify? Whatever it is, I hope it leaves more room for the people/things you love. Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!