DIY Paint Splattered Napkins

Well, I was supposed to share these pretty napkins prior to Easter to use for an Easter table setting, but as is often the case with DIYs,  it was a total failure the first time around. I used fabric dye instead of fabric paint, thinking the results would be the same......but was I wrong. After ironing them and getting dye all over my ironing board cover and washing them and getting dye all over my washing machine....we had to throw them out because they looked so awful. It happens. Sometimes I think the lesson behind creating is to keep pressing on, past all the setbacks. Both times in creating these napkins, I let Reese help me. She loves creating as much as I do, and when possible I always try to include her in projects. It makes her so proud when she sees that item being used or on display in our home, and the process is always a special mom/daughter time with her. I will say, we had to do this while Charlie was asleep-otherwise it would have been a real disaster.


We laid down a huge drop cloth and the napkins flat on top of it. I put a smock on Reese, and we both wore gloves. After filling a plastic cup with the fabric paint, I added water so that it was easier to "splatter".  

 We put our fingertips in the cup and after getting a small amount of paint, we "flicked" the paint off onto the napkins. At the start, I encouraged Reese to do small drops on the napkins only to find out that she liked the "big ones". Ha! She's always reminding me that she is her own artist, and I let her do her thing after that. Now that they are finished, I have to say that I kind of agree with her. 


What you'll need: disposable gloves, plastic cup, drop cloth, napkins (I used these), fabric paint

After letting them fully dry (24hrs), iron the backs of the napkins to set the paint. While maybe late for Easter, but I think these will be fun for summer dinner parties or outdoor entertaining.