A Genius Toy Storage Solution

When we lived in our large, newer development house in Indiana, storage was never an issue. We had this huge walk-in storage area off of our living room (that was underneath the stairs), and stored the majority of Reese's toys under there. Her play-kitchen even fit in there and I simply pulled it out any time she wanted to play with it. While I knew we had a good storage situation there, I think part of me was patting myself on the back for not accumulating too many toys. And while I do tend to lean towards minimal side of things when it comes to the amount of toys/things we own (that term feels really subjective and overused these days-sorry!), I gave myself way too much credit. Flash forward to us moving into our Boston house with it's adorable tiny closets and suddenly I had no ideas. Nothing. Even with Connor's mad army organizational skills, it was overwhelming. I stared at the playroom for a few months and scoured the web searching for a solution. I found a lot of bins and baskets that worked nicely if you didn't mind seeing the toys but not if you really wanted them to be out of sight. I also was looking for something that would be able to stand alone without looking like it needed a bookcase or shelf. I had near given up the cause before I stumbled across these simple yet genius bags. You can wash them, you can stuff in them those unsightly dress-ups that your kid adores and then pull the strings tight. It's a total game changer.