Hallstatt- Celebrating 10 Years

One of the reasons I'm just now getting around to sharing pictures from our Germany/Austria trip with you is that we have had an unusually busy fall. The other (and probably more honest)reason, is that part of me felt like pictures could not do these beautiful places justice.....in particular, I worried my pictures would not do Hallstatt justice. In each of our trips, Connor & I usually come away with one or two spots that hold a special place in our hearts and that we talk about revisiting someday. Hallstatt was that place for us on this trip. There were moments I felt like we were walking through a storybook, it just did not feel real. As such, I've decided to dedicate a post just to Hallstatt, and will be sharing other pictures from our trip in a few weeks.


We splurged during our stay in Hallstatt to get a place on the water, and I'm so glad we did. Not only was it a beautiful view in the morning, but I was drooling over the design inside our apartment.


The town center of Hallstatt:


We ate our first night's dinner at this little beer garden. After ordering Schnitzel, Connor asked if there were any local brews to which he was told they only had local brews. Of course.


That white house in the town center with all the ivy mixed with red flowers was my absolute favorite.


Another peek at where we stayed in Hallstatt. How beautiful is that chandelier?


This picture below looks like a Thomas Kinkade painting to me.


Another shot of the town center:


This house was everything to me- the door, the flowers, the windows, the green shutters....I could go on and on!

IMG_9237 copy.jpg

Celebrating ten years with my favorite person. It really could have been anywhere (we just loved having some uninterrupted time together), but Austria made it all the sweeter.