The Girls' Shared Room

Like any transition with kids, I thought that putting the girls in the same room would mean less sleep for a while. Instead, we've been getting the same amount of sleep as before (more would be nice, I'm not going to lie) and the transition itself has been super easy(sorry for those of you with the opposite experience!).  While our oldest has never been a big sleeper, she seems to want to stay in her room more at night because she has a buddy sharing her room now. And, as much as I would love for them to fall asleep right after we kiss them goodnight, hearing giggles coming from their room is possibly the sweetest thing I've ever heard. 


What has been hard is designing this room! This room seriously has had me stumped for the past month. The small size is probably the biggest obstacle- it feels full with just the crib and the twin bed. Its current status is somewhat of a disaster. The bed and the crib make an "L" shape (due to a little one grabbing books off the shelf and into her crib from the original parallel position), and it just feels awkward. There are navy blackout curtains temporarily strewn up(because sleep). I searched and searched online for shared baby and toddler bedrooms to get inspiration from and there was not a ton out there….at least when it came to tiny rooms. So, here is what I've come up with for their shared room. You will recognize a lot of things from Reese's old room, but I'm bringing in some new color and pattern (maybe another stencil!). 


2. Martha Stewart Whimsy Collection sheets

3. Crib

4. Caroline Wright painting

5. Deer print

6. Eouf bed

7. Paint color- Sherwin Williams "Copen Blue"

8. XO crib sheet