Scandinavian Boy Nursery

So, I guess I should share the reason behind my inconsistent posting this Summer.  While I definitely have been enjoying the beautiful weather and spending time with my family, that's not the sole reason for my absence here.  I'm pregnant with a baby girl!  We are beyond excited.  Though I have no real complaints as far as the pregnancy is concerned, I will note that nothing seems to sap my creativity more than exhaustion and nausea (only the first few months this time, thank goodness).  

The funny thing is, though I actually thought it was a girl all along (and secretly hoped for one), I found myself being drawn to baby boy names and nursery things.  Ever since our Norway trip, I loved the idea of a Scandinavian nursery as a nod towards Connor's heritage.  So since we are not having a boy, I thought I would share my inspiration board with you: 

OB-Scandinavian Boy Nursery.jpg

When designing a room, I usually start with a pattern that I love…….whether it be fabric, an art piece, a rug, curtains, or wallpaper.  I find it's easier to build a cohesive room that way, and mixing patterns isn't as tricky when you start with the ones that you love.  In this case, I fell in love with the Robert Allen folkland fabric, and probably would have used it to make a crib sheet.  Not seen in this mood board, is the crib and other furniture we already have…..I'm still unsure how I want to rearrange our furniture in the house between the two girls.  More on that later!

1. wood Henna letter

2. brass sconce

3. Robert Allen folkland fabric

4. green velvet drapes

5. Viking mobile

6. brass llama 

7. triangle blanket

8. forest poster

9. wood shelf

10. gold pillows covers