Made it to Boston- Thoughts on our new space

It's been a week of bliss mixed in with chaos- boxes to the ceiling, our girls sharing a bedroom for the first time, a teething baby, unpacking things we haven't seen in five months, a three year old (with all good intentions) "reorganizing" what I've just put away, our new couch arriving, our new washing machine not fitting into our older house, rearranging furniture, dancing in the kitchen, keeping kids alive…. you get the picture. But through it all, I find myself so completely content and happy to have my little family together again under one roof (our roof!).  


There's new problem solving to be done in this new home, and I am not for one second taking that for granted. Our move to Indiana brought such different design problems- we were coming from a 1000 sq. ft. charming old apartment in upstate NY. Our house in Indiana was almost triple the size, and I was overwhelmed with how to fill up the space (on a budget no less) to make it cozy. Our Indiana house was a newer "cookie cutter" home, and I worried that I wouldn't be able to maintain my  minimal-modern-Scandinavian-eclectic style. Well, here I am now, in Boston, with a new set of design challenges, and trying to figure out how to overcome them without going crazy. Last time, I merely blogged about the progress of the house, but this time I thought I would start out sharing the challenges I want to overcome.

1. This place is gorgeous- wood floors, built in cabinets, even pretty ceilings! BUT, it's got really small rooms. I'm not able to choose where I want some pieces, they just have to go where they fit (and all new furniture is not an option).

2. I have a minimal aesthetic- it makes me feel calm and relaxed with less "stuff" in a room. Practically speaking, I'm concerned about how to get away with it in this house.

3. The girls room is probably the biggest challenge I foresee right now. It's about the size (maybe slightly bigger) of our walk-in closet in Indiana. Granted that closet was huge for storing clothes, but it's tight with a twin bed and a crib, let alone making it a beautiful and cohesive space.

4. The dining room- too small for the dining table we built in Indiana and yet the tulip table (seen below) from our kitchen nook is too small to accommodate guests(theres no space in the kitchen for a table either). I have plans for a DIY that I will share with you soon!

K3 copy.jpg

5. We are renting, so that has it's own set of limitations. I also don't want to "buy for the house" if we are only here for a year.

 More to come!