Fireplace in Black

You may have caught a glimpse of the painted fireplace from my Christmas post, but I realized I never shared a full shot with you guys. After I got the idea to paint it black (here) it took a while before Connor was convinced that it was such a good idea. I waited until he was completely on board with the project and ended up painting the day before my due date. It definitely kept my mind occupied! 

(This picture was taken day after we enjoyed a fire:).


I first scrubbed the fireplace with a steel wire brush…this was messy. After vacuuming all of that up, I washed the fireplace down with a vinegar/water mixture. Once that dried, I used a coat of primer (the lady at the hardware store convinced me to get way more primer than I actually needed….next time I'm sticking with a pint), and then applied two coats of black latex indoor paint(I prefer flat). You really only need the heat resistant paint for the firebox and inside the actual fireplace. (I should note that you can also tint the primer gray so that there will be less coats of paint in the end).

Here is the before:

afterlight-4 copy 3.jpeg

I have to say this project was so rewarding- it instantly made a huge difference in the living room. Oddly enough, I felt like it actually made our living room more cozy.