Kitchen Nook Reveal

Well, I finally have a space to share with you!  It feels so good to have a corner of our house that is finished (minus that indoor herb garden I'd like to have at some any area ever really finished?).  


First, let me back track a little.  When we first moved to Indiana, I had dreams of settling in a quaint little house with tons of charm and character.  It didn't need to be large, just old and quaint (like our place in NY).  Then, the more we looked at homes, the more we realized it was not going to happen unless we moved into a neighborhood that would feel unsafe just going for a walk(much less a long run).....not ideal.  So, we tucked that dream away for a later date and bought a newer home.  Since it's so very different from my style, I feared I wouldn't be able to make it "look like me" for lack of a better phrase.  Those fears are subsiding as our home is slowly taking shape.  Now, that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to replace our flooring with something like this:).  


This was our kitchen nook from the previous owners when we first came to look at the house.  Not super inspiring......


and here is our nook now:

I fell in love with this antique hutch I found on craigslist and it was super cheap.....Red would later refer to it as "early 1900s Ikea crap", and I can't say I blame him. (I should note that I'm a big Ikea fan, just not the pieces with the flimsy backing.)  Basically, we(he) had to take it a part after it half fell a part moving it into the house.  He then put in new wood supports inside the hutch and I stained them to match the other wood (Sherwin Williams will match wood stains for you!).  If you don't already recognize it, the pendant light is from Ikea.  I simply spray painted it a mint green to add a little color to my area. The chairs were also a craigslist find. This little nook has quickly become the center of our every day life.