A little about me…


I believe that a calm and beautiful environment has a lasting impact on our everyday lives. Liken it to a badly lit coffee shop. The coffee may be great, but with the dim lighting, ugly carpet , and dirty tables- I don’t exactly want to linger there. Similarly, I believe that a well designed space invites the kind of life that we all want to live. We all want homes that feel like a retreat, a place where our families and friends want to spend time. 

For me, my love of design began when I was a little girl and my exasperated parents were willing to try anything to get their daughter to quit the bad habit of sucking her fingers. Something sparked in me and I finally agreed to forgo the habit for three months if they agreed to paint my room at the end of them. Motivated, I kept my end of the bargain and had a new sponge-painted bedroom to show for it. My obsession with decorating my room continued, and as a young girl I can remember pouring over my mom’s Better Homes & Gardens magazines, and requesting picture frames and curtain rods for birthdays. Years later, when I married into the military lifestyle and found myself in a new house and town (averaging once a year), I learned the significance of “home” in a broader sense.  The weeks following a move, I would be hanging things on the walls and painting, often forgetting to stop to eat, anxious to make it a place where my husband and I felt at home. With all the newness (new jobs, grocery stores , and new friends), coming home to all the familiar things that told our story was such a comfort to us. When we left the military lifestyle and moved to Boston, I took those lessons with me. 

These days, I enjoy working with clients to create a space that reflects their personal story. Even more than a beautifully designed space, I hope to evoke the feelings of “home” for my clients and their families. Work with me, and I’ll make you a homebody yet.